Get to know Problem Gambling: Symptoms, Factors and Negative Impacts

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What is Problem Gambling

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Gambling itself is a destructive activity and behavior that can cause a number of losses to the perpetrator. One form of damage caused by gambling activities is problem gambling.

What is Problem Gambling?

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Problem gambling may still sound very foreign to your ears. But if you know the definition, you will quickly understand the meaning of these two words.

According to a review from the trusted information site Wikipedia, problem gambling can be defined as an urge to gamble continuously despite the negative consequences of the action.

Simply put, this gambling problem can also be referred to as gambling addiction or gambling addiction. The phenomenon of gambling addiction itself is not a new phenomenon. Many countries are facing this problem, including Trusted online casino malaysia.

Although this gambling problem is widely referred to as a type of addiction. However, this condition actually leads to a condition of impulse control disorder or a condition where a person fails from a temptation. This is explained by the American Psychiatric Association, the association of psychiatric organizations in America.

Regardless of the definition, this gambling addiction condition is still something that causes many negative impacts for the perpetrators.

Symptoms of Problem Gambling

Still talking about gambling problems or what can be called gambling addiction. People who experience this gambling addiction condition will tend to show a number of general symptoms or characteristics.

According to research released in the journal Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) released in 2013. It is stated that a person must have at least 4 of the following signs or symptoms to be called a gambling addiction:

  • The desire to gamble by increasing the number of bets to get fun.
  • Feeling restless when trying to reduce or stop gambling.
  • Has repeatedly failed to control the urge to gamble.
  • Always think about things related to gambling.
  • Often gamble when experiencing stress or pressure.
  • A strong desire to avenge the loss in betting (coming back to gamble).
  • Lying about gambling habits

Gambling habits have jeopardized important things in life such as relationships, family, career and others. Often depends on others to alleviate economic problems (borrowing money)

Regarding gambling addiction itself, there are actually many reviews that explain the characteristics of a person experiencing a gambling addiction (gambling addiction). However, we only present reviews that are supported by a number of data and research.

Factors Causing Gambling Addiction

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Gambling addiction does not happen suddenly for no reason, of course there are factors behind a person being addicted to gambling. Regarding this, it turns out that there are a number of studies that explain this.

Again citing information from the Wikipedia page, a medical center called the Mayo Clinic specialist state states that there are many factors that cause a person to become addicted to gambling.

These factors can be in the form of biological, genetic, environmental and other factors. Some of the factors that were revealed by the Mayo Clinic are as follows:

Mental health disorders (the use of certain substances / drugs or personality / emotional disorders).

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Age and gender (gambling addiction is usually more common in teenagers or middle-aged men/women. In addition, gambling addiction is more common in men than women).

Influence from family or friends (family or friendship factors)

Side effects of certain medications, such as antipsychotic medications or dopamine agonists.

A number of other studies also mention several other factors that can cause a person to experience gambling addiction, such as:

  • Trauma
  • Stress due to work
  • Solitude
  • The effects of other addictions.

The Negative Impact of Gambling Addiction

As mentioned earlier that gambling is actually a destructive behavior and causes harm to the perpetrator. The negative impacts caused by gambling itself can be said to be very many, ranging from health, finance and others.

From a health perspective, a gambling habit or addiction can lead to a number of health problems. Based on a number of reviews on the internet, mental health disorders are one of the impacts that can threaten gamblers.

Gambling addiction can actually reduce a person’s ability to make decisions. Researchers from Japan, Hidehiko Takahashi said that the habit of gambling can make a person tend to prefer to take risky decisions.

Simply put, it can be said that the ability to judge the pros and cons of someone who is addicted to gambling is very low.

The health problems caused by gambling addiction are not limited to mental health disorders. People with gambling addiction problems are also at risk for brain damage. This is due to the increased production of dopamine in the gambler’s brain.

You need to know that gambling habits can trigger an increase in the production of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is actually a natural compound that is harmless under normal conditions.

However, in excess, this can disrupt the relationship between brain cells which has the potential to lead to brain damage. Quite a lot of medical research that discusses this.

Not only about health, people who are addicted to gambling will also experience a decrease in their quality of life. This quality of life can be related to career, lifestyle, relationships with other people and others.

Gambling addicts will usually find it difficult to concentrate on something he is doing, be it work or study. Relationships with people around will also slowly get a negative impact. There are many stories where gamblers end up alone, abandoned by friends or family based on the history of the lottery.

Gambling addiction can also ruin a lifestyle. Gambling addicts usually also have an unhealthy lifestyle such as staying up late, smoking, drinking alcohol, staying up late and even drug abuse.

Cases of Suicide Due to Gambling Addiction

Suicide is one of the most dangerous effects associated with this gambling problem. A person who is addicted to gambling has a great potential to commit suicide if he does not get the right treatment.

This is not just a theory, there is a number of data and research that supports this. One of them is hospital study data in Australia which was released in 2010. The study found that 17% of patients at Alfred Hospital who attempted suicide were gambling addicts.

Countries With High Gambling Addiction Potential

In Malaysia, gambling is indeed an illegal act and also against the law. But in some countries, gambling is actually legalized by the government. Some countries such as Italy, Canada, Singapore and Spain make gambling as one of the sectors of state income.

Although it provides more income to the country through the gambling sector and can attract tourists. However, legalizing gambling also has a negative impact on the country concerned. One of them is the increasing number of gambling addicts in the country.

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An example can be seen from the country of Italy. The country of origin of this pizza turned out to have quite surprising data related to gambling. Who would have thought that most of the population in Italy spends around 517 USD annually on gambling.

As well as being one of the countries that legalize gambling, Canada also has surprising facts about gambling. Most Canadians can spend around 568 USD on gambling.

The legalization of gambling does not only have an impact on the increasing number of gambling addicts. But it also has an impact on the crime rate in a country. Various sources state that countries with high gambling rates have high crime rates as well.

Number of Gambling Addicts in Malaysia

If you ask about the number or number of gambling addicts in Malaysia today. Honestly, we don’t have exact data that explains this. However, from various reviews, the number of gambling in Malaysia is increasing, especially during the pandemic.

During this pandemic, the number of online gambling is increasing. This increase in the number of online gambling can be an indication that the number of gambling lovers or addicts in Malaysia is also increasing. Not to mention that the main factor of this problem has not been resolved, namely the existence of online gambling sites.

The Malaysian Ministry of Communication and Informatics has indeed implemented a policy to eradicate online gambling sites. However, this does not seem to give good results. The growth of online gambling sites is still high.

Medical Treatment For Gambling Addiction

Trusted online casino malaysia – When it comes to treating gambling addiction, most of the treatment for this type of addiction involves counseling, step-based programs, peer-support and support.

However, until now there is no treatment that is considered the most effective for dealing with gambling problems. Even in America alone, the U.S. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved drugs that can solve gambling problems at all.

While there is no absolute cure for gambling addiction, there are a number of medications that are commonly used. Gamblers Anonymous is one such treatment.

In Malaysia, Gamblers Anonymous may still be unknown. Gamblers Anonymous itself is a gambling addiction treatment or treatment that is based on 12 steps (12 step program) by emphasizing a mutually supportive approach.

This treatment was first introduced in 1957 by Jim Willis. However, information about the methods and approaches of Gamblers Anonymous treatment is very limited. So that we cannot present detailed information about this one treatment.

In addition to the Gamblers Anonymous treatment method, another treatment method that is also commonly used to treat gambling addiction is cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

Cognitive behavioral therapy itself is a psychotherapy that focuses on reshaping the mindset of gambling addicts to become more positive. A positive mindset will be able to produce emotions and also a positive way of acting as well. This is the basis of this cognitive behavioral therapy.

This method of treatment will lead the patient to change his mindset about gambling. For example, the patient thinks that gambling can bring wealth to the patient. Then the doctor will change the negative frame of mind.

Even more interesting, this cognitive behavioral treatment method is not only used to treat gambling addiction. But it can also be used for a number of other mental health problems such as drug dependence, sleep disorders, trauma and others.

Drugs To Suppress Gambling Addiction

Drugs that can directly stop gambling addiction have not yet been found. However, in the medical world, there are several drugs that can suppress the desire for gambling addiction sufferers to gamble.

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Citing a review of information from one of the Hellosehat health pages. Usually psychiatrists or doctors who treat patients with gambling addiction problems will prescribe some drugs to help suppress the patient’s desire to gamble.

One of the names of drugs that a psychiatrist or doctor will usually prescribe is an SSRI antidepressant. The strong desire to gamble is caused by the excess production of dopamine in the sufferer’s brain. This SSRI antidepressant has a role to affect the serotonin system that produces this dopamine.

In addition to SSRIs, psychiatrists or doctors who treat patients with gambling addictions will prescribe opium antagonist drugs such as nalmefene and naltrexone. Both of these drugs can suppress the happy sensation that gambling addicts feel when gambling.

Islamic Treatment for Gambling Addiction

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Apart from medical treatment. A number of reviews on the Internet also discuss a lot about the treatment of this gambling addiction problem in Islam.

There are several Islamic methods that can supposedly help cure gambling addiction completely. The treatment method is based on the concept of liver medicine which is well known in Islam which includes:

Reading the Quran and its Meaning

In Islam, the Quran is believed to be the best way of life. This Muslim holy book is believed to give peace to those who read it. Al-Quran also explains about things that are haram (sin) and should be avoided.

Reading the Quran is believed to provide a clear understanding of good and bad. When you understand this concept of good and bad and its consequences, the desire or thought to sin will disappear.

In conclusion, studying religion can provide a person with an understanding of the consequences of sins committed. So that the fear of committing sin will arise.

Establishing the Evening Prayer

Still related to liver drugs which according to many reviews can cure gambling addiction. In Islam, establishing night prayers is also said to cure gambling addiction. Establishing a night prayer is the same as deepening the relationship with the Creator. When a Muslim carries out his religious commitments coupled with establishing night prayers, they will find peace and tranquility. From a number of reviews, this is believed to be able to prevent someone from negative thoughts.

Gathering with pious people

In the concept of heart medicine, gathering with pious people is also something that is recommended if you want to recover from gambling addiction. Gathering with this pious person is the same as renewing the circle of friends to be more positive.

The environment always plays a role in the formation of a person’s character, including habits. By staying away from a negative environment, then you will be able to recover or avoid negative things such as gambling.

Gambling Problem Hotline in Malaysia

Have you ever heard the term Gambling Problem Hotline?. Gambling problem hotlines can be said to be similar to gambling addiction rehabilitation centers. In some countries where gambling is legal like Singapore, you will be able to easily find this service. This service focuses on helping gambling addicts to quit their gambling habit.

In Malaysia, this kind of service cannot be found. However, Malaysia has quite a number of rehabilitation centers that deal with addiction problems, including gambling addiction. Generally, the treatment method used in the rehabilitation process is cognitive behavioral therapist.

That’s a little review about problem gambling. Hopefully this review from us can educate you about the dangers of gambling. May be useful.