Game of Thrones Online Slot Review

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Game of Thrones Online Slot Review

Game of Thrones Online Slot Review – George RR Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” has been a cult hit with fantasy fans for years, but it wasn’t until HBO adapted it to the critically acclaimed “Game of Thrones” show that the franchise really went viral.

Trusted Online Casino Malaysia – Making the world of Westeros one of the most popular settings in today’s memory and its creators from ordinary writers to famous celebrities. A combination of mature storytelling, brilliant acting, constant danger (like a popular meme, never associated with anyone in “Game of Thrones”) and various exposed female (and often male) breasts and other parts of the human anatomy.

Making the show an instant classic, with the final episode of Season 5 attracting over 8 million viewers in the United States alone. Of course, something as popular as this can’t be ignored we’ve seen a lot of conflict resolution between Homes, including some video games and even board games! Considering an adult audience, slot machines are the logical next step, but the question is, has Microgaming managed to do the franchise justice?

Basic Features Game of Thrones Online

Basic Features Game of Thrones Online

“Game of Thrones” is a very basic slot. It makes big promises about “bonus games” and “additional features”, but in reality, it doesn’t offer anything we haven’t seen a billion times before. There are free spins, but nothing I can call a “game”.

By far the most interesting part of the game is that certain online casinos offer two variants – a more traditional one with 15 pay lines and one with 243. The two versions are the same, and the actual number of pay lines is not. makes a lot of difference with how often. You win, so feel free to play wherever you want Pavilion88.

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Visually, the slots are disappointing. No attempt to do so. The backgrounds and symbols are very simple, and 90% of the designs have been copied/pasted straight from the exhibition. There is very, very little animation – when you win, most of the symbols flash awkwardly. Only two special symbols, Wild and Scatter, give you this type of animation when triggered.

Very few skills enter the visual section, but the best is, if you can believe it, even worse. ONLY in-game music is the theme of the show, which keeps on playing over and over again! You’d be forgiven for clicking the “Mute” button even for a moment.

Payment Schedule Game of Thrones Online

Game of Thrones” has 10 different symbols, and as I said before, none of them really worked hard to create them. One of them, Wild, is the “Game of Thrones” logo, much like the tradition of Microgaming slots like Thunderstruck II, so that’s forgivable.

What is unforgivable is that the remaining symbols are the 4 warring show houses (Stark, Lannister, Targaryen and Baratheon), which are again taken straight from the TV show with minimal editing. The only symbol that doesn’t tear right away is the Scatter symbol, which is symbolized by the Iron Throne… But again the Throne has become an iconic image in the show, so it’s not surprising that the emblem was also taken from promotional materials.

To add to his injury, the win wasn’t that great. It’s really hard to discuss specific wins because “Game of Thrones” follows this annoying Microgaming tradition where the pay table doesn’t give you an easy way of knowing what you will win, as the value is adjusted depending on your bet.

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I have a little trouble understanding the true meaning of the values ​​(do they represent pounds? Coins? Potatoes?), but in the end, I believe that we are talking about pounds. Therefore, the biggest win you can get with a maximum bet of £30 per spin is £500, which is very low, especially for a licensed slot.

An interesting feature of this slot is the ability to defend your winnings with coins. This is basically the same system as the one in Gladiator, but a little more complicated, as the next successful win will unlock various bonuses.

The problem is, as is often the case with such systems, more often than not, you’ll lose everything. The win/loss ratio SHOULD not be as bad as Gladiator’s, but I still recommend sticking to your wins and not risking anything, especially on the larger amounts.

When you get a Scatter 3, 4 or 5 symbol (represented by the Iron Throne), you automatically unlock a Free Spins round, which is definitely the most exciting part of this slot, though not particularly impressive. Each of the four Houses has a set of free spins and multipliers, and the more free spins the smaller the multiplier, and vice versa.

Therefore, you have to make a choice between playing longer, but getting relatively small prizes, or having only a few free spins, but with big wins. It’s very similar to the system used in Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II, except here all Homes open immediately, and you can choose which one you like even if you only activate the bonus once.

Experience Playing Slots and Other Recommended Games

“Game of Thrones”? More like “Game of Disappointment”. This slot is barely good enough to play the game of one of the most beloved fantasy franchises in recent memory. This is a cash race with low profits and very simple graphics and animations, most of which look like designs by first year students (sorry to students everywhere).

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Download Free Slot Games From Casino Joy – Even if you are a fan of shows and/or books and only ask to be used as much as possible, I would still suggest that you stay away from them. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about it (hence why it’s rated 3.5 and not lower), but when there are so many brilliant slots out there, there’s no point in bothering the usual.

If you’re looking for better slots based on TV shows, then NetEnt’s South Park is for you – it’s brilliant. And if you want a good fantasy-themed Microgaming slot, then Thunderstruck II is also a great place to look.